About netDISwork

What is netDISwork and why is it so important to implement a

Dynamic Information Support Network?

Information, Communication and cooperation are essential keys to succeed inclusion.

This network aims to connect people that are confronted with inclusion issues with the specialists they need.

Many people are said to have behavioral issues and are therefore quickly labelled and put aside.

Children with special needs such as autism, dyscalculia, dyslexia, ADHD etc. have difficulties in finding their place in the mainstream schools and carry these difficulties on into the work environment.

Here is where netDISwork steps in.

We believe, that there are no behavioral issues but connection issues.

We are convinced that if both “normal” and “special” people learn how to communicate, inclusion can and will happen.

netDISwork therefore aims

  • To support a class adaptation process in mainstream schools
  • To ensure a dynamic adjustment of the diagnostic process (by up to date reflection about the progress of the child )
  • To monitor the quality of the support of the different actors in the process by observers
  • To create a resource database based on confidentiality for the actors who are working with children, teenagers or adults with special needs
  • To ensure a close cooperation between all actors involved
  • To identify the talents and skills of these people at the earliest stage possible in order to help them overcome their difficulties
  • To monitor every little sign of abuse.

And so to contribute a

successful inclusion into society“

This is of course a very ambitious project which cannot be set up at once. This network needs to grow over the time uniting specialists, associations, parents, schools, coaches, sponsors, institutions, lawyers etc. to establish a true NETWORK FOR INCLUSION.

There needs to be a starting point. We have chosen to first focus on autism and particularly children with autism, but hope to be able to open up to whatever needs emerge.