About the founder

Nancy Tuerlinckx

International Autism Observer-Communicator

Founder of Think Tank “Kwanke” D-U-Mee

Nancy Tuerlinckx observes children and adolescents with Autism in their natural habitat (home, school, other activities, etc.) and is able to translate and interpret their behaviour – even the slightest nuance is an indicator for her – and communicates with them internally. Because of her ability to communicate non-verbally with these children, she can often release their anxieties so that verbal communication ensues. Through this, she gets a picture of the personality of the ‘whole child’ so that she can identify, where the child has blocks and interferences as well as their particular strengths.

She believes that non-verbal children have a rich internal life, that includes language and deep knowledge. All we have to do is to access it and release it. Nancy had similar difficulties as a child and learned how to free herself from them.

She has a unique talent and travels to wherever her help is needed throughout Europe and beyond, changing the lives of autistic children and their parents.